Seven Content Planning Tools to Boost Content Campaigns

“Content is King.”

This is a commonly-used phrase in the world of content marketing, which is still relevant today. But, the world of content is very saturated, and it is essential to opt for effective content marketing strategies to keep your business moving forward.

In a survey, 86% of organizations said content marketing helped them reach their brand awareness goals.

The need for effective content campaigns cannot be undermined, as it is essential to leave a lasting impression on readers. Robust content planning and marketing can grow your brand, increase your presence, and boost the results.

However, content planning is not just about creating and publishing content. Instead, it is a strategic process that involves researching, creating content as per the target audience, marketing it, and measuring the progress.

In this article, we’ve presented the seven most effective content planning tools to make your content campaign a success!

1. BuzzSumo for content ideas

BuzzSumo is an effective planning tool that generates noticeable results. It shows you the top-performing content for any particular keyword. It gives you an idea of what is most liked by the audience by reflecting upon the number of shares. This lets you prepare similar or even better content.

Moreover, it shows you the influencers you can reach out to promote your content, get more views, and convert more leads.

The best part- it is easy to use, and it hardly takes a few minutes to get content ideas on which you can work and excel.

2. Ahrefs for keywords and competitor analysis

Knowing the trends and popular topics will enable you to create valuable content. But it cannot guarantee you success. Why? Because you must have an audience to be inspired by it. This is where SEO comes in. If your article is well-optimized around the keyword, you can drive massive traffic to it.

Moreover, analyzing the competitor’s keywords and overall performance can help your content get a boost! This is where Ahrefs is a win-win! 

By subscribing to Ahrefs, you get access to its seven tools: Site Explorer, Positions Explorer, Content Explorer, Position Tracker, Crawl Report, and Ahrefs Alert.

Using this content planner can help you generate content ideas by understanding what people look for while searching any particular topic. The tool also makes it easier for you to build backlinks by getting data of competitors’ backlinks.

3. Grammarly to avoid grammatical errors

Next on the list of content planning tools is Grammarly

No matter how strategically you move and how informative content you produce, it cannot look credible with silly grammatical mistakes. That’s when Grammarly saves the day.

It notifies you of all your grammatical and spelling mistakes even in its free version. In its premium version, you get suggestions related to sentence structure, plagiarism, and much more. Moreover, you can filter it based on your target audience to make the content more suitable.

Overall, Grammarly is a great proofreader for your content that can save you from being trolled.

So, say bye-bye to any more grammatical errors!

Pro tip: You can use ‘Hemingway editor’ to make your content more  straightforward and more understandable. However, don’t make your content lifeless by accepting all the changes.

4. Canva for graphics

Great content is not just about great words. Your content is incomplete without infographics, posters, and other visual content. 

Although Photoshop and similar software programs can help you create great graphics, it’s not everyone’s game. Moreover, it may not be friendly as well as budget-friendly for most people.

As one of the great content planning tools, Canva lets you create and share graphics within minutes. So, how it does that?

It comes with many free pre-built templates and layouts, and it takes no time to drag and drop content. You can also use Canva to generate posts for different social media platforms as it gives you customized templates as per the ideal size.

You can get the Pro version for more appealing elements and templates.

These eye-catching visuals can genuinely leave a great impression on your readers.

5. HootSuite for social sharing

Sharing content on social media is as important as making it SEO-friendly. However, posting content on different social media sites at peak hours can be challenging to manage. HootSuite is one of the most popular post-scheduling applications that make this task much easier for you. 

Using HootSuite, you can connect with 35 social media platforms and perform different tasks from your dashboard like saving posts in drafts, scheduling them, and complying with your social media calendar.

Another great advantage is that you don’t need to look out for any other tool to correct your grammatical errors, as it has an in-built grammar checker.

6. Google Analytics for tracking

Once your content is posted online, your content planning does not end here. It goes beyond that as you need to understand its progress and analyze the success of the content campaign.

Google Analytics gives you great insights about your content by showing the bounce rate, average reading time, clicks, views, visitors, and much more. 

But how does that help? It makes your further content planning easier and effective. 

At what price? FREE!

Google does not charge you anything for it, and these statistics can genuinely enhance your website’s performance and presence online.

7. Mailchimp for email marketing

No matter how important SEO and social media promotion are today, email marketing is a game-changer. It is known to be one of the most effective ways of marketing content online. According to a study by McKinsey & Company, email marketing is up to 40 times more effective than social media.

Mailchimp makes it easier for you by sending out customized emails, engaging the audience, converting leads, and measuring progress.

You can capture the emails of your first-time audience by providing them with free eBooks, webinars, and other lucrative guides. 

Isn’t that amazing? 


So, give a new direction to your journey with these seven fantastic content planning tools and see the magic happening. You will not just witness more reader engagement but also lead conversions and overall growth.

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